dismemberments in a sentence

"dismemberments" in Chinese  
  1. Yet the dismemberment turned out to be more of a scratch.
  2. The noes had it this week, so Canada escapes dismemberment.
  3. Part of the problem lies beyond the Confucian bias against dismemberment.
  4. Bosnia's dismemberment was consummated through this failure ."
  5. Raimi found rapture in the frenzied dismemberment of the human form.
  6. It's difficult to find dismemberments in a sentence.
  7. Thorns counter blossoms, dismemberment counters wholeness, disjunction counters harmony.
  8. Al-Majid insisted that would accelerate the dismemberment of Iraq.
  9. Al-Majid insisted that would accelerate Iraq's dismemberment.
  10. Methods of killing included beheading, evisceration, dismemberment and castration.
  11. The Dismemberment Plan released four albums before breaking up in 2003.
  12. After the death of Tombalbaye, FROLINAT had continued its dismemberment.
  13. Bender is found guilty and sentenced to execution by magnetic dismemberment.
  14. Improvements were made to the physics model and dismemberment was added.
  15. After Thermidor Bentabole participated in the dismemberment of the revolutionary government.
  16. Torture, death, dismemberment and cannibalism-- what a hoot.
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