dismembering in a sentence

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  1. Bernardo has, however, admitted to dismembering Mahaffy's corpse.
  2. He has admitted dismembering the body and dumping it in Galveston Bay.
  3. He straps Darby to a table and videorecords dismembering him.
  4. The rebels have gained notoriety for committing atrocities like mutilating and dismembering civilians.
  5. In Galveston, Durst pleaded not guilty to a charge of dismembering Black.
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  7. Durst is accused of killing Black and dismembering the body in September 2001.
  8. After strangling Lacy, Dahmer had sex with the corpse before dismembering him.
  9. This leads Engel and the other zombies to attack Bud, dismembering him.
  10. Tony hears Kendra screaming and finds Harry dismembering her.
  11. I may be cutting my steak, dismembering my chicken or deboning my fish.
  12. Scripps has been convicted of killing and dismembering South African tourist Gerard George Lowe.
  13. Neville Chamberlain, one recalls, was equally cheerful about the dismembering of Czechoslovakia.
  14. But dismembering Israel remains high on their agenda.
  15. Although she later admitted dumping the torso, Pape denied killing or dismembering Pomerantz.
  16. He also admitted dismembering Mahaffy's body.
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