dismembered in a sentence

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  1. Lucas took authorities to her dismembered body in Denton in 1982.
  2. It shuddered as its branches were dismembered and its trunk felled.
  3. Some victims died after being dismembered, and were castrated afterward.
  4. Nor is there a river of blood and dismembered body parts.
  5. But she did not tell us how the body was dismembered,
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  7. Their bodies also were dismembered and the body parts strewn around.
  8. The bodies of both men were badly dismembered and remained unidentified.
  9. Last weekend Manchester United was dismembered by Newcastle 5-0.
  10. Our troops . . . saw many dismembered bodies scattered around.
  11. He said many of the bodies were dismembered in the crash.
  12. For years, they did _ through wars which dismembered Yugoslavia.
  13. The dismembered victims were buried in a Staten Island bird sanctuary.
  14. The house itself, that general scene contains a dismembered body.
  15. Al-Qaida as we knew it has been largely dismembered.
  16. Al-Qaida as we knew it has been largely dismembered,
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