dismembered body in a sentence

"dismembered body" in Chinese  
  1. Habashi's blue Israeli identity card was found next to the dismembered body.
  2. Her dismembered body was found in a beachside cave seven months later.
  3. Each of the partially dismembered bodies had more than 40 bullet wounds.
  4. Pieces of Suleiman's dismembered body were found in the woods Saturday night.
  5. Charles finds Alan s dismembered body in a trunk in the crypt.
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  7. Heather's dismembered body was found buried beneath a patio in the backyard.
  8. Her dismembered body parts were found in a lake two weeks later.
  9. Dismembered body parts were discovered in various places over a two-mile stretch.
  10. Parts of his dismembered body then turn up in the local area.
  11. Our troops . . . saw many dismembered bodies scattered around.
  12. Lucas took authorities to her dismembered body in Denton in 1982.
  13. To his horror, it shows him hovering over Ren閑's dismembered body.
  14. The prosecution stated that Bierenbaum discarded his wife's dismembered body in the ocean.
  15. He could self-destruct and pull his dismembered body back together at any time.
  16. At one point, the characters play catch with dismembered body parts.
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