dismember in a sentence

"dismember" meaning  "dismember" in Chinese  
  1. He accused the government of wanting to " dismember"
  2. It would be a shame to dismember either of those collections,
  3. "It's about trying to dismember our organization.
  4. His strategy had been to dismember Armenia into its former kingdoms.
  5. He also dismembers the corpse and performs sexual acts with it.
  6. It's difficult to find dismember in a sentence.
  7. He dismembers the body and conceals the parts beneath the floorboards.
  8. A crazed fellow in Ohio dismembers and cooks his mother.
  9. It's even possible to dismember your enemies piece by piece.
  10. Catch, kill, preserve, dismember, and toss.
  11. Many are convinced that the world is still plotting to dismember Turkey.
  12. Say it's me that you want to dismember !"
  13. A monstrous creature appears and dismembers Mitch before raping Sandy.
  14. Its neighbouring states were able to slowly dismember the Commonwealth.
  15. Peping watches helplessly in horror as the men dismember the other limbs.
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