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  1. According to legend these first half disme coins were minted from Martha Washington's silverware.
  2. The composition of the disme was set at 89.24 percent silver and 10.76 percent copper.
  3. For example, the word was spelled " disme " in the legislation that first authorized the minting of dimes.
  4. In that year several more patterns were created, including the half dime, then known as a " half disme ".
  5. The first coin minted under the act, and therefore the first official coin of the United States, was the half disme.
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  7. Both " dime " and " disme " are Americanized versions of the French word " dixieme, " meaning tenth.
  8. Most recently, Steve Contursi donated the 1792 Half Disme, an early American coin valued at more than $ 220, 000, to the ANA s Money Museum.
  9. The Coinage Act of 1792, passed on April 2, 1792, authorized the mintage of a " disme ", one-tenth the silver weight and value of a dollar.
  10. Stevin wrote a 35-page booklet called " De Thiende " ('the art of tenths'), first published in Dutch in 1585 and translated into French as " Disme ".
  11. Adam Eckfeldt built early presses for the Mint, engraved some of its early dies, and was responsible for the designs of early American copper coinage, as well as the 1792 half disme which some authorities consider the first United States coin.
  12. The eagle was the base-unit of denomination in gold although, unlike " cent ", " dime " ( or " disme " ), and " dollar ", gold coins never specified their denomination in units of " eagles ".
  13. In late December 2011, Steven L . Contursi, President of Rare Coin Wholesalers, donated a 1792 half disme, graded NGC About Uncirculated 58, to the American Numismatic Association's Edward C . Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  14. Art historian Cornelius Vermeule suggests a similarity between Scot's portrayal of Liberty on the eagle and the portrait on the 1792 half disme ( deemed by some the first Federal coinage ), and speculates that the ultimate inspiration may have been Martha Washington, the President's wife.
  15. Although he was not the first to use decimal fractions ( they are found in the work of the tenth-century Islamic mathematician al-Uqlidisi ), it was his tract " De Thiende " (  The tenth ), published in 1585 and translated into English ( as Disme : The Art of Tenths, or Decimall Arithmetike Teaching ) in 1608, that led to their widespread adoption in Europe.
  16. His eye for the importance of having the scientific language be the same as the language of the craftsman may show from the dedication of his book " De Thiende " ('The Disme'or'The Tenth') :'Simon Stevin wishes the stargazers, surveyors, carpet measurers, body measurers in general, coin measurers and tradespeople good luck .'Further on in the same pamphlet, he writes : " [ this text ] teaches us all calculations that are needed by the people without using fractions.
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