dismayingly in a sentence

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  1. The urban initiatives recently announced by President Clinton look dismayingly timid.
  2. The results, even when perfectly competent, are often dismayingly generic.
  3. Dismayingly, only one of the candidates seems to agree.
  4. Stoltz, for his part, is dismayingly blank.
  5. Eventually, the sabotage scheme becomes clear, and it's dismayingly pedestrian.
  6. It's difficult to find dismayingly in a sentence.
  7. It ends up as a dismayingly unthrilling thriller and bafflingly unconvincing character study ".
  8. Yet the level of music making slipped dismayingly low Friday night at Avery Fisher Hall.
  9. But during a dismayingly short period, things start to fray for several of them.
  10. He became a dangerous man in the left court with dismayingly accurate returns, mostly chips.
  11. Move beyond the more technical aspects of military craft, and the ranks are dismayingly thin.
  12. Noncapital punishments are also dismayingly inhumane.
  13. Once again, Vietnam dismayingly dominates the campaign, just as it did early this spring.
  14. Dismayingly, an awful lot of American life these days is focused on winning and losing.
  15. Yet the dismayingly conventional programming he has planned for next year suggests that he is creatively spent.
  16. Dismayingly, the administration shot down its own trial balloon when critics in Congress raised a stink.
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