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  1. The acoustics on this reopening night, though, were dismaying.
  2. The CBS and ABC experiences are dismaying for what they portend.
  3. Whoever is correct, television manufacturers find the whole debate dismaying.
  4. That view will be reinforced by each new and dismaying revelation.
  5. Tarage bemoans a dismaying " level of competence being displayed ".
  6. It's difficult to find dismaying in a sentence.
  7. Redgrave's chapter on the BSO episode is slipshod and dismaying.
  8. Some of the news, of course, is dismaying.
  9. Still, for an admirer, it's dismaying.
  10. The news contained herein may be dismaying in the extreme.
  11. It was dismaying to find out how that did impact actual enrollment,
  12. Goebbels did not speak at all, dismaying his fellow northern delegates.
  13. Nothing in physics has yet surpassed the dismaying power of the atomic bomb.
  14. On the ground, meanwhile, there are both encouraging and dismaying signs.
  15. How dismaying that it should require an act of Congress to say so.
  16. The RSAC questions are detailed, and sometimes dismaying.
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