dismayed in a sentence

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  1. The fight between Muslim and Muslim has left many people dismayed.
  2. But consumer groups and trial lawyers were dismayed by the vote.
  3. "They were very dismayed, " he said.
  4. Those now being accused of trafficking in stolen property are dismayed.
  5. Of course, he was dismayed at Sunday's game.
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  7. Still, all shareholders in the small brewers have been dismayed.
  8. Far from being dismayed, she took it as a challenge.
  9. Advocates of female priests in the Fort Worth diocese were dismayed.
  10. Barshefsky, who had strongly backed Kodak, was also dismayed.
  11. Followers of AOL were dismayed by the price hike, however.
  12. Even some of the president's harshest critics were dismayed.
  13. In Vermont and Virginia, Kurth and her relatives were dismayed.
  14. Lukas was not dismayed by the field's small size.
  15. Still, Victor de Groote III is dismayed by the change.
  16. Dismayed by officials'indifference, she began to speak out.
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