dismay in a sentence

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  1. Estonian officials expressed mild dismay over Yeltsin's remarks Wednesday.
  2. Eventually, she moved her office elsewhere in frustration and dismay.
  3. The dismay hinges on the question : Will this ever end?
  4. It printed small claims judgments, to the dismay of many.
  5. To the dismay of the Americans, the Japanese have withdrawn.
  6. It's difficult to find dismay in a sentence.
  7. I can fully understand Fred Goldman's dismay and anger.
  8. To his dismay, he found only a jar of mustard.
  9. It's a dismay and a weariness across the board.
  10. You hear shock, you hear dismay, you hear denial.
  11. To the dismay of Albanians, this is their country today.
  12. All of which should only add to the Giants'dismay.
  13. Sounds of dismay reverberated in the Austin Lutheran and Episcopalian communities.
  14. Clinton supporters, meanwhile, look at the strife with dismay.
  15. Along the Dallas sideline, players shook their heads in dismay.
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