dismay by in a sentence

"dismay by" in Chinese  
  1. Other marchers showed their dismay by turning on the violent demonstrators.
  2. Expressions of dismay by Kammer and others have not had much effect.
  3. The projections were greeted with dismay by Palestinians.
  4. The report's release was greeted with dismay by some human rights groups Thursday.
  5. This caused open displays of dismay by the U . S . and British governments.
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  7. The PAP's victory was viewed with dismay by foreign and local business leaders.
  8. But he was acquitted of heading Jemaah Islamiyah, a ruling greeted with dismay by Western governments.
  9. Prospects of a drawn-out withdrawal were greeted with dismay by PLO chief Yasser Arafat's aides.
  10. "The Robots'Rebellion " was greeted with dismay by the Green Party's executive.
  11. Nevertheless, the selection of D'Alema as prime minister was viewed with dismay by many in the church.
  12. He advocates protection of domestic industries and has unorthodox economic views, and would likely be greeted with dismay by investors.
  13. DeBlanc had been best friends with Thomas and his decision was greeted with dismay by whites in the small Cajun town.
  14. Barak, regarded with dismay by the majority of his compatriots and repudiated by the Knesset, no longer speaks for Israel.
  15. The plan to go ahead with a rise in fuel duty in August 2012 was met with dismay by motor industry figures.
  16. However, the programme was met with dismay by many other breed clubs worldwide who felt it was a flawed and disappointing decision.
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