dismay at in a sentence

"dismay at" in Chinese  
  1. Still, some shoppers on Wednesday expressed dismay at the plans.
  2. AIDS activists and public health workers expressed dismay at the veto.
  3. One person expressed dismay at the lack of a birthday horoscope.
  4. There is shock and dismay at work, and rightly so.
  5. Labor left-wingers expressed dismay at Monday's vote.
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  7. They expressed dismay at the decision but promised to respect it.
  8. Critics expressed dismay at Stewart singing unmemorable songs as the grandfather.
  9. But patients and doctors expressed dismay at the demise of West Valley.
  10. Representatives of both sides expressed dismay at her sudden departure.
  11. But Xiong did not express dismay at being unable to see Wei.
  12. He also expressed dismay at the latest moves toward easier market access.
  13. The Senators have expressed dismay at the way their schedule is structured.
  14. Several intelligence experts expressed dismay at such an intelligence blunder.
  15. The Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit expressed dismay at the automakers'decision.
  16. The reason for a sense of dismay at all this is twofold.
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