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  1. The larger scantling would prevent the frequent dismastings that had been previously observed in the British Big Class seasons.
  2. But, several dismastings and a boat sinking aside, thus far the real action has occurred off the water.
  3. Both Classic yachts sustained dismastings, and the latter will be sidelined for at least a day with a broken boom.
  4. The first day of the race saw several dismastings in strong gales, and several skippers were awarded time for rescuing other racers.
  5. Silk Cut, a British boat, and EF Education, the Swedish women's team, retired from Leg 5 after dismastings.
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  7. It is possible that the combination of the smaller crew and the new lines played a role in the dismastings of Nepenthe and Antares Royale.
  8. Dismastings, capsizings, blown-out sails and men overboard _ Blake has seen it all in his sea miles, which equal about 20 trips around the world.
  9. Included are many photographs of disasters and embarrassments, outtakes from the files of maritime photographers featuring dismastings, collisions, and other examples of bad luck and questionable seamanship.
  10. In the exceptionally windy local conditions thus far this spring, boats sailed by Team New Zealand and the One World Challenge _ which is backed by the Seattle telecommunications entrepreneur Craig McCaw _ have each suffered dismastings.

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