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  1. The dismasting was the second suffered by a Cup syndicate in the past month.
  2. A dismasting is certainly one of the worst things that can happen in a race.
  3. Received the news of the dismasting.
  4. However, in approximately the same position, beset by storms, another dismasting took place.
  5. The Death Roll often results in destruction of the spinnaker pole and sometimes even dismasting of the boat.
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  7. The decision to build a new boat for 1999 came after seeing the way Zephyrus performed before its dismasting.
  8. Several crew members were injured in the dismasting, with one losing several fingers and another suffering head injuries.
  9. Thiercelin alerted his shore crew in France by satellite phone early Thursday after the dismasting at around 1000 GMT.
  10. The soft sail yacht suffered a dismasting during a Mackinac race which resulted in her being stored for several years.
  11. Its impact is most likely to cause sail damage to the enemy ship, slowing it down or potentially dismasting it.
  12. But like a cat with nine lives, she made it though a second dismasting in the storm-ravaged Indian Ocean.
  13. The nautical term for the incident is a " dismasting, " and you can imagine how painful that must be.
  14. Ashbury's new yacht " Columbia " ( 220 tons ), which withdrew in the third race after dismasting.
  15. Modern masts are usually made of fiberglass, aluminum, or other high-strength materials, and so are largely immune to dismasting.
  16. The next American broadsides struck their target, causing massive damage, dismasting her mizzen-mast, and reducing her to a sinking condition.
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