dismasted in a sentence

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  1. On the first trip, a storm dismasted his ship.
  2. The next day he captured the dismasted " Kingston ".
  3. While in the Pacific she was dismasted in bad weather.
  4. The " San Joaquin " was dismasted and suffered many casualties.
  5. When a vessel is dismasted, its ability to navigate is seriously compromised.
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  7. There was at least one boat dismasted and another with a lost rudder.
  8. A dismasted ship that had been caught in a typhoon appears in a daguerreotype.
  9. Because she was dismasted and damaged the French did not try to tow her.
  10. Because she was dismasted and damaged the French had not tried to tow her.
  11. She took part in the Glorious First of June, where she and dismasted.
  12. The cutters surrendered after an engagement that left " Mutin " dismasted.
  13. The convoy was caught in a violent storm that dismasted 21 of the vessels.
  14. They get dismasted, they get hurt.
  15. On Wednesday, Amer Sports Too was dismasted some 400 miles south of Nova Scotia.
  16. Another helicopter lifted the entire crew of 12 from the dismasted VC Offshore Stand Aside.
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