dismantle in a sentence

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  1. Each piece of the refinery is given a number and dismantled.
  2. The two powers agreed to accelerate the dismantling of nuclear arms.
  3. He has been fearless in trying to dismantle cozy union arrangements.
  4. T . rex was also completely dismantled, bone by bone.
  5. A group of 14 utilities is urging Congress to dismantle PURPA.
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  7. We support Shell in the decision to go for onshore dismantling.
  8. Seles'dismantling of the field in Toronto was almost sinister.
  9. They think Americans really want the New Deal to be dismantled.
  10. But the price of dismantling it would far outweigh the advantages.
  11. We finally started winning and then they started dismantling the team.
  12. In dismantling Florida, the Huskers struck in every conceivable way.
  13. He gets to be John Calipari watching his team dismantle Georgetown.
  14. Xerox is most interested in legislation that would dismantle trade barriers.
  15. The Broncos dismantled the New York Jets 31-7 Sunday.
  16. When other teams win, they seem to start dismantling immediately.
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