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  1. This legislation had the effect of dismantling the network University.
  2. We are all clear that we must dismantle the networks of those who advocate hatred and violence.
  3. In response to a question about homeland security, Bush said the United States was dismantling the network's senior management.
  4. While tram lines in downtown were one by one dismantled the network expanded in newly built suburbs till 1986.
  5. There is still work to be done to dismantle the network, to gather the evidence, to arrest all those responsible,
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  7. Through information supplied by American spy Aldrich Ames, Chebrikov was able to dismantle the network of CIA operatives in his country.
  8. This information, they said, could play a critical role in the ongoing effort to dismantle the network and disrupt its financing.
  9. The newspaper said that investigators from the DST, France's counterintelligence agency, believe that France has dismantled the network that ran the training camps.
  10. They appear, after extensive review, to have been unwitting participants in the network, and their disassociation furthers our goal of dismantling the network.
  11. He has been extremely close to Suharto, which makes people question whether he will really dismantle the network of crony capitalism that Suharto erected.
  12. But he admitted that " there is still work to be done to dismantle the network, to gather the evidence, to arrest all those responsible ."
  13. One of the information branch's tasks was dismantling the network of Israeli spies in Lebanon, and this led to the arrest of over 100 individuals suspected of collaborating with Israel.
  14. Islamic radicals held training camps for potential recruits across France through 2002, Le Parisien newspaper reported Wednesday, adding that French investigators believe they have successfully dismantled the network running the camps.
  15. "We continue to hunt down these perpetrators, prosecute and put them on trial after they are arrested, and strive to dismantle the network responsible for these barbaric acts, " she said.
  16. Toledo, who took office in July, vowed to continue his efforts to dismantle the network of corruption and violence that he inherited on taking office, despite receiving repeated threats against his life.
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