dismantle of in a sentence

"dismantle of" in Chinese  
  1. The two powers agreed to accelerate the dismantling of nuclear arms.
  2. Seles'dismantling of the field in Toronto was almost sinister.
  3. The Antiquities Act does not authorize the dismantling of national monuments.
  4. Another reason was the dismantling of Botafogo's championship team.
  5. Q : The reform program is demanding the dismantling of monopolies.
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  7. The road map calls for the dismantling of the militant groups.
  8. After the dismantling of the Viaduct, only one pier remains.
  9. The king also ordered the dismantling of the fortress of Turenne.
  10. Lola advocated the dismantling of the patriarchal system that dominated society.
  11. The dismantling of the structure commenced on Monday 18 November 2013.
  12. The dismantling of tracks and signalling equipment started in early 2012.
  13. These shows could conceivably fold in a dismantling of PBS.
  14. Conservatives were seeking a broad dismantling of barriers in the financial industry.
  15. This is a step forward toward the dismantling of these protectionist policies,
  16. _The dismantling of the terrorist superstructure in Palestinian-controlled territory.
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