dismals canyon in a sentence

  1. Dismals Canyon is a National Natural Landmark located in northwest Alabama.
  2. Dismals Canyon is a privately owned and operated Natural Conservatory.
  3. Dismals Canyon is operated commercially as part of an nature preserve, and a fee is charged for entry.
  4. Phil Campbell is also home to Dismals Canyon, a privately owned, natural conservatory that has been designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service.
  5. Dismals Canyon features a natural swimming pool, natural shelters used by various Native American tribes for over 10, 000 years, nature trails, rare luminous insects, and natural rock formations.
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  7. Dismals Canyon is one of only a few places where insects called dismalites ( " Orfelia fultoni ", a distant relative of " Arachnocampa " ) can be found.
  8. "Orfelia fultoni " has sometimes been referred to by the common name " "'dismalites "'", in consequence of their presence in Dismals Canyon, a National Natural Landmark in northwest Alabama.

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