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  1. Because dislocation motion is hindered, plastic deformation cannot occur at normal stresses.
  2. These entanglements and jogs act as pinning points, which oppose dislocation motion.
  3. Creep resistance is dependent on slowing the speed of dislocation motion within a crystal structure.
  4. The visible ( macroscopic ) results of plastic deformation are the result of microscopic dislocation motion.
  5. The interaction between the stress fields of dislocations can impede dislocation motion by repulsive or attractive interactions.
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  7. The consequent increasing overlap between the strain fields of adjacent dislocations gradually increases the resistance to further dislocation motion.
  8. In certain types of high strength steels, very fine deformation twins act as primary obstacles against dislocation motion.
  9. For example, the stretching of a steel rod in a tensile tester is accommodated through dislocation motion on the atomic scale.
  10. Additionally, if two dislocations cross, dislocation line entanglement occurs, causing the formation of a jog which opposes dislocation motion.
  11. In modern Ni based superalloys, the ?-Ni 3 ( Al, Ti ) phase present acts as a barrier to dislocation motion.
  12. Since dislocation motion is the primary mechanism behind plastic deformation, increasing the stress required to move dislocations directly increases the yield strength of the material.
  13. The volumetric activation energy indicates that the rate of Harper-Dorn creep is controlled by vacancy diffusion to and from dislocations, resulting in climb-controlled dislocation motion.
  14. There are four main strengthening mechanisms for metals, each is a method to prevent dislocation motion and propagation, or make it energetically unfavorable for the dislocation to move.
  15. Wu " et al . " describe a process in which dislocation motion becomes restricted due to the small subgrain size and grain rotation becomes more energetically favorable.
  16. The stress required to cause dislocation motion is orders of magnitude lower than the theoretical stress required to shift an entire plane of atoms, so this mode of stress relief is energetically favorable.
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