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  1. Slip occurs by dislocation glide of either screw or edge dislocations within a slip plane.
  2. In dislocation glide and at low temperatures, the dislocations are restricted to glide planes, or crystallographic planes across which the bonds are relatively weak.
  3. For aluminum and other fcc materials with high SFE, dislocation glide is the main mechanism during cold rolling and the { 112 } ( copper ) and { 123 } ( S ) texture components ( copper-type textures ) are developed.
  4. In contrast, in Cu 30 wt . % Zn ( alpha-brass ) and related metals and alloys with low SFE, mechanical twinning and shear banding occur together with dislocation glide as main deformation carriers, particularly at large plastic deformations.
  5. Dislocation glide is the main process but cannot act on its own to produce large strains due to the effects of strain-hardening, where a dislocation  tangle can inhibit the movement of other dislocations, which then pile up behind the blocked ones causing the crystal to become difficult to deform.
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