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  1. The process produces dislocation densities up to 10 13 / cm 2.
  2. Higher dislocation density increases yield strength and causes work hardening of metals.
  3. Unlike in other creep mechanisms, the dislocation density here is constant and independent of the applied stress.
  4. GaN is a defect-rich material with typical dislocation densities exceeding 10 8 cm  " 2.
  5. Also, the dislocation density cannot be infinitely high, because then the material would lose its crystalline structure.
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  7. SiGe alloy devices are mechanically rugged and can withstand severe shock and vibration due to its high dislocation density.
  8. Increasing the dislocation density increases the yield strength which results in a higher shear stress required to move the dislocations.
  9. This pressure directly opposes the driving force arising from the dislocation density and will influence both the nucleation and growth kinetics.
  10. At dislocation densities of 10 14 dislocations / m 2 or higher, the strength of the material becomes high once again.
  11. where G is the shear modulus, b is the Burgers vector, and \ rho _ \ perp is the dislocation density.
  12. At low stresses, materials with a low initial dislocation density may creep by dislocation climb alone, known as Harper-Dorn creep.
  13. The dislocation density 200 micrometres into the surface of a material has been shown to be six times higher than the density in the bulk.
  14. Since recovery reduces the dislocation density the process is normally accompanied by a reduction in a materials strength and a simultaneous increase in the ductility.
  15. As both of these processes are more likely to occur when more dislocations are present, there is a correlation between dislocation density and yield strength,
  16. Cold working generally results in a higher yield strength as a result of the increased number of dislocations and the recovery and recrystallization reduce the dislocation density.
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