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  1. Dislocation creep is highly sensitive to the differential stress on the material.
  2. Mechanisms of crystal-plastic deformation include Pressure solution, Dislocation creep, and Diffusion creep.
  3. Five main mechanisms are recognized; cataclastic flow, dislocation creep, recrystallization, diffusive mass transfer and grain-boundary sliding.
  4. The surface energy becomes more significant when grains are sufficiently small, which converts the creep mechanism from dislocation creep to diffusion creep, thus the grains start to grow.
  5. The difference between this model and the previous nucleation-and-growth models lies within the assumptions : the field boundary model assumes that grain size reduces in the dislocation creep field, and enlarges in the diffusion creep field, but it is not the case in the previous models.
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