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  1. Dislocation climb is therefore dependent from the velocity of vacancy diffusion.
  2. The driving force for dislocation climb is the movement of vacancies through a crystal lattice.
  3. Since dislocation climb results from individual atoms " jumping " into vacancies, climb occurs in single atom diameter increments.
  4. At low stresses, materials with a low initial dislocation density may creep by dislocation climb alone, known as Harper-Dorn creep.
  5. The most likely mechanism, given the experimental data, is that of dislocation climb, rate limited by the diffusion of solute in the bulk.
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  7. Viscous flow near grain boundaries, for example, can give rise to internal slip in the direction of any lattice plane containing the dislocation, while the principal driving force for " dislocation climb " is the movement or diffusion of vacancies through a crystal lattice.

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