disinfectant soap in a sentence

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  1. The young athletes are then bustled to shower rooms to scrub down with disinfectant soap and vinegar.
  2. Anne lugs around a survival kit of Lysol, disinfectant soap, Imodium, antinausea medicine and rubber gloves, which she wears at the lido deck salad bar.
  3. It's probably safe, but soap is quite antibacterial on its own & mdash; there's basically no truth to marketing claims that disinfectant soap is better at killing germs.
  4. Would he please come in to prep for surgery ? ( Would he ! ) He gives his 17 vials of blood and is about to step in the shower for a last-minute scrub with yellow disinfectant soap while his friend Mike tunes up the videocamera when the second call comes.
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