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  1. Basically, the Paralympic games are for elite athletes with disabilities,
  2. Ivanhoe will not predict if Laura will be left with disabilities.
  3. He also helped to shape the New York state disability law.
  4. The niche where Borkowski saw the greatest opportunity was disability insurance.
  5. Disabilities developed while typing are near the top of the list.
  6. It's difficult to find disability in a sentence.
  7. The fractures often lead to long-term disability or death.
  8. And low back pain is the leading cause of disability payments.
  9. Campaign consultants in both parties knew Quayle's central disability.
  10. Having a disability is no reason to not consider touring Alaska.
  11. His disability was not a secret, although its extent was.
  12. The house will also be made accessible for people with disabilities.
  13. She had to stop working, and began collecting disability insurance.
  14. He began studying the disability rights movement because of his disease.
  15. Q . What has the ADA done for people with disabilities?
  16. It wasn't easy being a horse with a disability.
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