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  1. The troopers are also schooled in direct action operations and special reconnaissance.
  2. They refused to participate in elections because they believed in direct action.
  3. But business unions use strikes and direct actions differently then social unions.
  4. The project was both a voter registration and a direct action endeavor.
  5. King combined ongoing dialog with boycotts and direct action targeting specific corporations.
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  7. They have organised various protests using direct action to highlight their cause.
  8. Blanquism did not count on the direct action of the working class.
  9. If there are really forceful impediments to direct action, we understand that.
  10. Business unions have used direct action to get results for their members.
  11. It often used direct action as a tool to bring about change.
  12. People must throw out Kentucky Fried Chicken, if necessary by direct action,
  13. The council talks later dragged on about Bosnia, but without direct action.
  14. Their notion of direct action seems to have consisted of cutting class.
  15. There was no time for anything but direct action, he said.
  16. The company has an interest in direct action on political issues.
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