dire in a sentence

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  1. At the time, the situation was dire for Italian soccer.
  2. Even in such dire circumstances, Chen's personality sparkled.
  3. Their situations are invariably complicated, frequently dire and sometimes hopeless.
  4. Great endings to championship games in the most dire of circumstances.
  5. From the moment, Manley's existence turned more dire.
  6. It's difficult to find dire in a sentence.
  7. Now, the situation facing Ms . Bhutto is more dire.
  8. The Kings, meanwhile, have more immediate and dire concerns.
  9. Dire Straits sang in " Sultans of Swing ."
  10. I think the overall situation the mayor faces is very dire,
  11. Something dire was happening to the spacecraft's electric current.
  12. Ah, but my highly caloric munchfest had its dire implications.
  13. That sounds like Dire Straits, but what song is that?
  14. The prospects were dire : Maybe the case would never end.
  15. We know that the situation in some parts is very dire.
  16. This, he said, was a dire threat to health.
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