dire consequences in a sentence

  1. Crowley and other proponents deny the initiative would have dire consequences.
  2. But in some countries, traffic has even more dire consequences.
  3. Others were equally dismissive of bourgeois politics, with dire consequences.
  4. But he warned of dire consequences if the situation remains unchanged.
  5. The pillaging of Polonnaruwa was to have dire consequences for Parkramabhu.
  6. It's difficult to find dire consequences in a sentence.
  7. Ronald Reagan's administration reacted furiously and warned of dire consequences.
  8. The company predicted dire consequences if its records became public.
  9. Such a retreat inside American frontiers could have dire consequences for Europe.
  10. Some predict dire consequences for both states; others are more hopeful.
  11. That has left doctors playing a guessing game with potentially dire consequences.
  12. Backsliding now would have dire consequences for Japan's financial markets.
  13. All the dire consequences predicted by doubters failed to happen.
  14. Every picture Pecker snaps triggers dire consequences for a friend or relative.
  15. Being caught without the right bag can have dire consequences.
  16. But Rudman said he did not foresee dire consequences for the presidency.
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