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  1. The village of Dirdal is located at the mouth of the Frafjorden.
  2. The village of Oltedal lies about west of Dirdal.
  3. It flows west to Dirdal and then heads northwards.
  4. It is located in the village of Dirdal.
  5. Dirdal Church is located in the village.
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  7. The village is located about southeast of the village of Dirdal in the Dirdalen valley.
  8. The innermost part of the fjord from Dirdal to Frafjord is also known as the Frafjorden.
  9. "' Dirdal "'is a village in Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.
  10. Sejersted proposed a line running through H鴊sfjord, Dirdal, Hunnedalen, Sirdal and Hylestad and onwards through Telemark to Kongsberg.
  11. The village lies at the end of the " Dirdalen " valley, which stretches to the southeast from Dirdal.
  12. "' Dirdal Church "'( ) is a parish church in Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.
  13. After heavy fighting in the Dirdal area from 15 April onwards, the Norwegian forces in the region capitulated in late April 1940.
  14. The track is a collaboration between CAS & Later-a duo comprising London producer Drive Me Home ( Dominik Binegger ) and Norwegian singer / songwriter Linn Carin Dirdal.
  15. The village is located in a narrow river valley about northeast of the municipal centre of 舕g錼d and about west of the village of Dirdal, just west of the H鴊sfjorden.
  16. The long Frafjord Tunnel connects the village of Frafjord to the villages of Gilja and Dirdal on the other side of the mountains, replacing the old, narrow, winding road over the mountain pass.
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