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  1. Michael Dirda said in an interview : " Tom Sharpe is very funny  but exceptionally vulgar, crude and offensive.
  2. According to Michael Dirda, " Ripley Under Ground " considers authenticity, and the difference between appearance and reality.
  3. In " The American Scholar ", Michael Dirda criticized the novel's " consummate, unmitigated tedium ."
  4. Michael Dirda of the " Guernica " described Salter as having " a good claim to being the greatest living American novelist ."
  5. Dirda wrote, " Pullman's book is more sheerly, breathtakingly all-stops-out thrilling than any of them ."
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  7. It featured Pulitzer Prize winning critics such as Jonathan Yardley and Michael Dirda, the latter of whom established his career as a critic at the " Post ".
  8. The Canon takes American readers back to 1895, when, as Dirda noted, " all was right with the world, and the British Empire in particular ."
  9. According to critic Michael Dirda, " No one writes more lyrically [ than Matthiessen ] about animals or describes more movingly the spiritual experience of mountaintops, savannas, and the sea ."
  10. "I was thrilled when Wolfe finally encountered his own Moriarty in the archvillain Arnold Zeck, " wrote Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-winning book critic for " The Washington Post ".
  11. Dirda concludes that although " Memoirs of a Midget " is perhaps " too odd " to merit Wagenknecht's " blanket encomium ", " in its sheer originality and uniqueness it is unforgettable.
  12. He's published sixteen Pulitzer Prize winners ( Michael Dirda, N . Scott Momaday, and Tina Rosenberg among them ); seven Bancroft history prize winners; [ and ] seven MacArthur fellowship winners . 
  13. _BIOGRAPHY : Michael Dirda, deputy editor, Book World, The Washington Post ( chair ); Sissela Bok, writer and philosopher, Cambridge, Mass .; Arnold Rampersad, professor of English, Stanford University.
  14. Michael Dirda said in " The Washington Post " that  Anyone who loves classic English mysteries from the 1920s through the  40s will revel in the highly anecdotal " The Golden Age of Murder " . 
  15. The Washington Post published a lengthy review by Michael Dirda (  For the first time in English the Argentine labyrinths of Edgar Brau ) in which he states that Brau's works are further explorations of Borges磄eography of the imagination.
  16. The ability of a classic book to be reinterpreted, to seemingly be renewed in the interests of generations of readers succeeding its creation, is a theme that is seen in the writings of literary critics including Michael Dirda, Ezra Pound, and Saint-Beuve.
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