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  1. The company said the waste contained only minute amounts of dioxin.
  2. We may or may not need dioxin to drive the decision,
  3. Found in most plastics, the chemical forms dioxin when incinerated.
  4. We know that dioxins will be coming out of this plant.
  5. Dioxins are chemical by-products of industrial processes using chlorine.
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  7. Their engines will dump cancer-causing dioxin into the ocean.
  8. Dioxin, a carcinogen, is produced during its manufacturing process.
  9. Once absorbed by animals, dioxins are trapped in fatty tissues.
  10. The government plans to implement measures against dioxin emissions in December.
  11. Japan lags far behind other industrialized nations in curbing dioxin emissions.
  12. Steenland said that dioxin seemed to cause all types of cancer.
  13. The contamination apparently was caused by dioxin-laced animal feed.
  14. Auto emissions are the largest source of dioxin, he said.
  15. Dioxin released in the Midwest tends to end up farther west.
  16. Limited sampling shows dioxin generally did not accumulate in the soil.
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