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  1. Dextral shear criteria can be found in all of its formations.
  2. The mechanism of this earthquake was of dextral strike-slip faulting.
  3. The San Fernando earthquake was the first in a series ( dextral faults.
  4. Most gastropod species, and especially the marine species, have a dextral shell.
  5. Asymmetrically deformed quartz pebbles in conglomeratic layers of the Thiviers sandstone indicate dextral shearing.
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  7. In its interior dextral and sinistral shearing interfere in a non-coaxial fashion.
  8. Millimetre-sized shear bands within the G閚is sericite schist also point at dextral shearing.
  9. Those with right-lateral motion are also known as " dextral " faults.
  10. EEG characteristics of normal subjects : A comparison of men and women and of dextrals and sinistrals.
  11. The sinistral and dextral specimens form " clear " populations but can by found sympatrically as well.
  12. One hypothesis is that a north trending dextral transform faults has displaced this section of the arc to the north.
  13. Many of these arboreal snails are dextral . ( See the section on chirality in the article gastropod shell .)
  14. This image " flipping " results in a normal dextral gastropod appearing to be a rare or abnormal sinistral one.
  15. It is bounded by dextral wrench faults ( possible transform faults ) and probably represents a pull-apart basin.
  16. This is supported by the operculum of " Maclurites ", which corresponds to that of dextral gastropods.
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