dexters in a sentence

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  1. Dexter King said the center was willing to participate in discussion.
  2. Dexter, this is Dynamite, Dexter, this is Dynamite.
  3. Dexter, this is Dynamite, Dexter, this is Dynamite.
  4. Dexter is to Nameless Dread what Anita Brookner is to ennui.
  5. Out of their mutual loneliness, Dexter and Erik become friends.
  6. It's difficult to find dexters in a sentence.
  7. Dexter will be going against 11-year veteran Tony Casillas.
  8. Dexter said it felt good to put the pads on again.
  9. Berkshire products and services include Dexter shoes and Geico insurance policies.
  10. But Dexter in particular has put the family on a precipice.
  11. Dexter King and Coretta King could not be reached for comment.
  12. Dexter Scott King did not return telephone calls for this story.
  13. "C'est bon ! " praised Dexter.
  14. Blood left at the scene did not match Dexter's.
  15. But if Dexter goes down, Joyce will likely fill in.
  16. Dexter Coakley is a great player . . . for us.
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