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  1. The movie handles its " interlocking subplots dexterously,"
  2. The last deals rather dexterously with a political subject.
  3. They snarled themselves up in glorious choreographic knots and dexterously set themselves loose again.
  4. The video shows her dexterously shooting pool.
  5. It swings dexterously among the famous, the infamous and the not famous at all.
  6. It's difficult to find dexterously in a sentence.
  7. Sheridan's first play, " The Rivals " is certainly deliciously and dexterously plotted.
  8. Candied fruit, plums, currants, and raisins are dexterously cut and soaked in rum.
  9. Russell summarises dexterously, knows and names his authorities, and occasionally advances an original opinion.
  10. Whoever shaves a person the most quickly and dexterously will win, with Beadle Bamford acting as judge.
  11. It is very rare that a classic is translated in another language by retaining its linguistic pattern dexterously.
  12. As Palmerston knew, the ultimate test of brinkmanship is how dexterously you can avoid falling off the precipice.
  13. Dresses draped at the stomach were a less astonishing version of those she dexterously made with heavy wool last season.
  14. "Amongst these [ weapons ], were a large number of long knives-weapons which the Spaniards use very dexterously.
  15. "Amongst these [ weapons ], were a large number of long knives  weapons which the Spaniards use very dexterously.
  16. American commanders were surprised and impressed that Vietnam, deemed to be a pastoral state could dexterously handle such advanced Sam Systems.
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