dexterous in a sentence

"dexterous" meaning  "dexterous" in Chinese  
  1. The right hand, of course, is the more dexterous.
  2. Long steps and dexterous hand movements are required for performing Veeranatyam.
  3. It would require large stretches and dexterous leaps if done so.
  4. This redundant structure gives the robot arms capability of dexterous manipulation.
  5. It was good to be dexterous, positively evil to be otherwise.
  6. It's difficult to find dexterous in a sentence.
  7. For the dexterous, the Corkpopper can be operated with one hand.
  8. He can be dexterous, and he can be insistent.
  9. See the dexterous dachshund compete in the canine dance contest.
  10. Then comes the fun, at least for the dexterous.
  11. By very dexterous military and diplomatic operations Vitellius succeeded completely.
  12. It produces a powerful, eerie sound in dexterous hands.
  13. Fingers will be launched in 2003 and make the arm even more dexterous.
  14. Yeung's dexterous manipulation makes puppetry look easy.
  15. The most dexterous were able to do this standing on the horses back.
  16. Perhaps the most important finding is that successful managers are dexterous symbol manipulators.
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