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  1. It was said that Cui spoke well and was dexterous in his reactions.
  2. He was dexterous in managing conferences between representatives of his own co-religionists and Protestants.
  3. Although not dexterous in the handling of the brush, he could conceive and design a subject with masterly purpose.
  4. Bales was likewise very dexterous in imitating handwritings, and between 1576 and 1590 was employed by Secretary Walsingham in certain political manoeuvres.
  5. Along with knowledge about their topics, guides must be dexterous in the use of HTML, adept at self-promotion and must possess a stick-to-itiveness that keeps their sites going.
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  7. He was no less dexterous in handling his materials than his master had been before him, and at the same time opened a wider field to social satire.
  8. He was very dexterous in counterfeiting People's Hands, having counterfeited the Hands of both the Sheriffs for the discharge of a prisoner " ( London Post, 15 April ).
  9. Spring-Manchester Art Gallery In 1899 the art critic Maxwell Enoch wrote the following about Hague's work : " He now paints with a delightful and delicate greyness, and has gradually become stronger in colour and more dexterous in handling.
  10. Dr . John W . Francis said of him :  He was unwearied in toil and of mighty energy, dexterous in legislative bodies, and at one period of his career was vested with almost all the honors the medical profession can bestow . 

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