dexterity in a sentence

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  1. These are the basic questions Daley answers with his usual dexterity.
  2. In cooking, the trick is to avoid recipes requiring dexterity.
  3. One thing Peter picked up is his dexterity with a stick.
  4. It requires a high degree of skill, dexterity and musicianship.
  5. To watch Legace in action is to marvel at his dexterity.
  6. It's difficult to find dexterity in a sentence.
  7. He insisted that food preparers'dexterity would not be impaired.
  8. The cross-disciplinary dexterity is not unusual for MacArthur fellows.
  9. Paradoxically, it requires even more dexterity and finesse from hairdressers.
  10. His dexterity benefited from turning jump rope and helping with kickball.
  11. In 2003, its hands will get fingers for increased dexterity.
  12. Personal adds are determined by Strength, Luck, and Dexterity.
  13. This difficulty may stem from variations in individuals'manual dexterity.
  14. Boris Godunov praised Andrey Yakovlevich for his wit and diplomatic dexterity.
  15. He likes to use his extreme dexterity to avoid being photographed.
  16. Her lyrical dexterity is backed by her distinctive percussive guitar style.
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