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  1. Then it devolved into a tightknit underground centered largely on London.
  2. As powers devolve, participation widens and democratization becomes more possible.
  3. In political terms, it is about devolving and decentralizing power.
  4. Jewell's rare ventures outside often devolved into black comedy.
  5. Many say it has devolved into a bad B-movie.
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  7. It devolves into questions that sink the film's concept:
  8. Cozy lessons about life will devolve upon Patrick, I thought.
  9. I recall Gandhi said ultimately all things devolve into the political,
  10. But somewhere along the line, your literary aspirations have devolved.
  11. So what's to account for all this devolving womanhood?
  12. The couples have devolved into on-and-off relationships.
  13. On 8 May 2007, devolved government returned to Northern Ireland.
  14. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved self-government.
  15. The functions of the county council were devolved to the boroughs.
  16. Macro-and micro-economic consequences devolved from the war.
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