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  1. Limbaugh proclaimed himself to be the " truth detector"
  2. Consumer Reports tested detectors and published the results in May 1994.
  3. They asked me if I would take a lie detector test,
  4. Metal detectors, slowing entry to the arena to a crawl?
  5. Its high-tech security system includes cameras and motion detectors.
  6. It's difficult to find detector in a sentence.
  7. Visitors passed through metal detectors and surrender their bags for inspection.
  8. The high school even had a metal detector at the entrance.
  9. _Check your smoke detector to make sure batteries are fresh.
  10. Bill began clomping back and forth with a huge metal detector.
  11. Features include metal detectors and armed guards, but no concierge.
  12. And I have a pretty fair nonsense detector and it shows.
  13. And 87 were charged with tampering with a lavatory smoke detector.
  14. Senja had, however, passed a DIA lie detector test.
  15. The units were equipped with chemical agent alarms and detector kits.
  16. There was no smoke detector inside the home, Humphrey said.
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