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  1. The Clinton administration had cut procurement for the destroyer to two.
  2. Bath Iron works shares the destroyer work with a Mississippi shipyard.
  3. I was in Company B of the 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion.
  4. Metzger demonstrated how the artist could be simultaneously creator and destroyer.
  5. And, yes, that's a destroyer docked outside.
  6. It's difficult to find destroyer in a sentence.
  7. An American destroyer soon gave chase and almost got his sub.
  8. That brought up the Destroyer, a k a Chipper Jones.
  9. But he is more than a compulsive destroyer of the truth.
  10. It's an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer.
  11. He used the affectionate term sailors called World War II destroyers.
  12. Bush said, referring to how the destroyer might be used.
  13. According to Taiwanese press accounts, Taiwan wants four Kidd destroyers.
  14. Bath and Ingalls could simply build more DDG-51 destroyers.
  15. Dies served with distinction aboard a destroyer escort in the Pacific.
  16. The new destroyers are being designed for fewer than a hundred.
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