destroyer of worlds in a sentence

  1. Davros refers to the Doctor as " The Destroyer of Worlds ".
  2. I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
  3. The third book, Destroyer of Worlds, was released in August 2009.
  4. It was followed by " Destroyer of Worlds " on Rubber Records in May 1990.
  5. The final book in the trilogy, Destroyer of Worlds, has been published in July 2009.
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  7. The Japanese destroyers of World War II are said to be the world's first modern destroyer.
  8. Davros uses the title " Destroyer of Worlds " to describe the Doctor in " The Lodger ".
  9. Quoting the Hindu god Shiva, he said, " Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds ."
  10. The two " Grom " s were some of the fastest and most heavily armed destroyers of World War II.
  11. Soldiers and civilians should unite in one single fist to crush drug trafficking, the destroyer of world youth and the source of corruption everywhere,
  12. J . Robert Oppenheimer, quoting the Indian sacred scripture Bhagavad Gita, called the first Bomb " the destroyer of worlds ."
  13. The work fleshes out a species called the Destroyer of Worlds " which serves as a semi-sequel to " Protector ".
  14. The Guardian is described as the " Destroyer of Worlds ", a possible reference to Origin's tagline which read " We create worlds ".
  15. The Prime Director warns the assembled Spaceknights of an even greater peril now approaching their homeworld of Galador, that of the Destroyer of Worlds  Galactus.
  16. In the Black Forest, the Surfer confronts Sue and reveals he is merely a servant to the destroyer of worlds, and regrets the destruction he causes.
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