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  1. Our escorts were three destroyers and three destroyer minesweepers.
  2. The old destroyer minesweeper next took part in operations in the New Georgia campaign.
  3. On 7 August, the destroyer minesweeper got underway from Eniwetok for San Francisco, via Pearl Harbor.
  4. From New York " Rodman " continued on to Boston for conversion to a destroyer minesweeper.
  5. When the raid ended, a party of 10 men from the destroyer minesweeper assisted in fighting the fires raging on board.
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  7. In 1945, the Squadron was converted to Destroyer Minesweepers and was again re-designated this time as Mine Squadron 21.
  8. On the 24th, the destroyer minesweeper joined the screen of Carrier Group 77.4 and remained so employed until the 26th.
  9. The destroyer minesweeper lost contact with her adversary and did not regain it again until 0607, almost three and one-half hours later.
  10. "Emmons " put into Boston on 9 November 1944 for conversion to a high-speed destroyer minesweeper, and was reclassified as DMS-22.
  11. But it is even more likely that had the Fleet been properly equipped with spotter planes and destroyer minesweepers, the attack on 18 March would have been successful.
  12. In 1940, she was converted to a high-speed destroyer minesweeper and, on 19 October, was reclassified "'DMS-10 " '.
  13. The destroyer minesweeper set out from Norfolk on 24 October 1942 to join Task Force ( TF ) 34, the Hampton Roads, Va ., on 26 December 1942.
  14. "Harding " joined a convoy of Boston for conversion to a destroyer minesweeper; she was reclassified "'DMS-28 "'on 15 November.
  15. On 10 June, she and nine other destroyer minesweepers departed Eniwetok and, three days later, rendezvoused off Saipan with TF 58, Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher's Fast Carrier Task Force.
  16. "Earle " arrived at Norfolk on 20 June 1945 for conversion to a destroyer minesweeper, and was reclassified "'DMS-42 "'on 23 June 1945.
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