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  1. The Task Unit included the destroyers,, and destroyer leader.
  2. She was considerably larger and more capable than the home built destroyer leaders.
  3. She then proceeded to the Southern SAR station to ride shotgun for the destroyer leader.
  4. In November 1941 she was escorting Convoy OS 35 when she collided with the destroyer leader.
  5. "Dubrovnik " was the only destroyer leader built for the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between the wars.
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  7. From as close as, Hagen fired and scored a dozen hits on the destroyer leader before it veered off.
  8. Escort Groups A-1 and A-2 were disbanded when their modern American destroyer leaders were assigned elsewhere.
  9. In other navies, such a ship generally was referred to as a " flotilla leader ", or " destroyer leader ".
  10. Her attack aircraft scored two direct bomb hits on the French destroyer leader, completely wrecking her forward half and causing 300 casualties.
  11. She was launched as a destroyer leader ( called a " frigate " at the time ) and later reclassified as a cruiser.
  12. As a large destroyer leader designed on a light cruiser hull she could carry a greater variety of detection gear than a destroyer.
  13. After returning to the United States, Stark went back to sea, serving as Combat Information Center officer aboard the destroyer leader.
  14. The destroyer leader was placed in commission, special, on 4 May 1968 for the extensive period of testing her updated weapons systems.
  15. Originally called a " destroyer leader " or frigate, in 1975 she was redesignated a cruiser in the Navy's ship reclassification.
  16. Released from the yard in September, the destroyer leader conducted underway training out of San Diego and operated locally for the remainder of 1958.
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