destroyer escorts in a sentence

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  1. Dies served with distinction aboard a destroyer escort in the Pacific.
  2. Destroyer escorts were also considerably more sea-kindly than corvettes.
  3. The destroyer escort arrived back at Pearl Harbor on 23 January.
  4. After shakedown off Japanese destroyer escort, with one Mark 27.
  5. Seven minutes later, the destroyer escort secured from general quarters.
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  7. The destroyer escort continued to patrol Kerama Retto until 5 July.
  8. Late in 1944, the destroyer escort added battery before retiring.
  9. He commanded a submarine chaser, a gunboat and a destroyer escort.
  10. Also joining the rescue was the US Navy destroyer escort.
  11. At 09 : 12, she sank the destroyer escort.
  12. The destroyer escort is mortally wounded but still battle capable.
  13. A destroyer escort was named after him in the Second Great War.
  14. The two destroyer escorts sighted nothing during the two-day quest.
  15. However, the evaporators for accompanying destroyer escorts provided insufficient fresh water.
  16. The destroyer escorts'guns blazed away and the submarine quickly sank.
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