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  1. In all, the government produced 563 destroyer escorts between 1942 and 1945.
  2. Destroyer transports Barry and Roper and destroyer escort O'Neill are badly damaged.
  3. A destroyer escort was named after him in the Second Great War.
  4. A U . S . Navy destroyer escort was named for him.
  5. At general quarters, the destroyer escort conducted three attacks without conclusive results.
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  7. The destroyer escort suffered a gash in her bow above the waterline.
  8. The destroyer escort was commissioned on 6 April 1944, Lt . Comdr.
  9. The Riga class was analogous to World War II era destroyer escorts.
  10. On the morning of 6 May, the destroyer escort found the submarine.
  11. The destroyer escorts had a crew of 12 officers and 237 enlisted.
  12. She was placed in service as a Group II selected reserve destroyer escort.
  13. Ocean escorts were an evolution of the World War II destroyer escort types.
  14. An American destroyer escort later arrived and sank her with depth-charges.
  15. The destroyer escort arrived at San Pedro, California, on 5 October.
  16. Its solo kills included an aircraft carrier, a destroyer and a destroyer escort.
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