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  1. Later in the year, she was recommissioned and served as a destroyer depot ship at Devonport.
  2. In May 1918, " Prince George " began a refit a Chatham for conversion to a destroyer depot ship.
  3. In 1944 " Vindictive " was converted into a destroyer depot ship and her AA armament was reinforced by the addition of six more Oerlikons.
  4. In July 1914 she was in active commission in the 7th Destroyer Flotilla, based at Devonport, tendered to, destroyer depot ship to the 7th Flotilla.
  5. Later in the war " Westernland / Regina " served again as a Troop transport and later as a Repair ship before finally serving as a Destroyer Depot ship until the end of the war.
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  7. She was later converted to a destroyer depot ship in 1907, serving through World War I as depot ship to the 11th Destroyer Flotilla of the Grand Fleet, and was finally sold for scrapping on 9 June 1922.
  8. A "'destroyer tender "', or "'destroyer depot ship "'in British English, is an auxiliary ship designed to provide maintenance support to a flotilla of destroyers or other small warships.
  9. On 12 November 1942 she and the destroyer were escorting the repair ship and the destroyer depot ship when she detected the German submarine " U-515 " with her Type 271 surface warning radar in the North Atlantic 180 nautical miles ( 333 km ) west of Gibraltar.

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