destroyer command in a sentence

  1. Quirk was restored to grace, but transferred back to destroyer commands.
  2. He became the Department of the Navy Inspector General in 1987 after holding cruiser and destroyer commands.
  3. The Tank destroyer command eventually numbered over 100, 000 men and 80 battalions equipped with 36 tank destroyers or towed anti-tank guns each.
  4. He received his first destroyer command shortly after the war ended, and then alternated between sea and shore assignments before becoming a full admiral in 1971.
  5. Subsim members have been consultants and testers for game such as Enigma, Silent Hunter II, Silent Hunter III, Dangerous Waters, Sub Command, Fleet Command, Destroyer Command, among others.
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  7. 2002-Subsim works with Ubisoft producer Carl Norman to initiate a broad reaching mod that will convert Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command from the original MP engine ( rTime ) to Microsoft DirectPlay.
  8. Promoted to commodore on 20 December 1979, he then assumed command of the Destroyers Command ( 1980 82 ), was promoted to rear admiral ( 5 January 1982 ) and was appointed head of the Naval Training Command ( 1982 ).
  9. Players were able to connect with other Silent Hunter II players, and engage in sub vs . sub combat; also, connectivity to the separate game Destroyer Command ( also released by Ubisoft ) was available, which enabled sub and surface ship combat.
  10. For example, 2002's " Destroyer Command " received some very positive reviews about many aspects of the game but was criticised for the number of glitches it contained that, given a lengthier software testing phase, should have been fixed.

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