deposited in a sentence

  1. Every day, tax revenues are deposited in the trust funds.
  2. There was a whole lot of sand that had been deposited,
  3. I took them home and deposited them in my checking account.
  4. The probate clerk sets up an index of all wills deposited.
  5. Houses were lifted off their stilts and deposited in the sand.
  6. It's difficult to find deposited in a sentence.
  7. Remember the joy that each of them deposited in our lives.
  8. Money belonging to Gaxiola was deposited in 11 banks in Hermosillo.
  9. The largest was 1.09 billion yen deposited by Nikko.
  10. Winds could have deposited some of the soil over the other.
  11. These are our brothers who are being deposited at our doorsteps.
  12. The government insures money deposited by the bank's customers.
  13. So far she has deposited only several thousand, Evans said.
  14. More than 110, 000 people were deposited in internment camps.
  15. Those agreements were " deposited " with American mediators.
  16. Instead, the company deposited the money with a separate company.
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