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  1. Bahcall said of the lack of observational evidence for critical density.
  2. (IT ) What can people do to increase bone density?
  3. There are also some medications available now that increase bone density.
  4. Without these measures, property would be rezoned to higher density.
  5. All flesh has the density of water, more or less.
  6. It's difficult to find density in a sentence.
  7. Early adopters will move to high-density technology right away.
  8. Gallery density here lures crowds five times greater than galleries nearby.
  9. But not in the high population densities, as at present.
  10. Infrastructure is one regional strength; population density can be another.
  11. If you lose weight by dieting, you lose bone density,
  12. It also increased bone mineral density by 2 to 3 percent.
  13. Once we got wet, however, the density seemed natural.
  14. Scientists express this condition of critical density as omega equals one.
  15. If you let the density of old people get too high,
  16. Density, density, density is the name of the game,
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